Much like the revolution Duchamp started with his concept of placing common non-art objects into a gallery context, therefore giving them a new aesthetic relevance; by taking two-dimensional abstract art out of accepted environments and placing it in a new context, the potential for an expanded aesthetic experience is presented to the audience.

Thought provoking questions arise from exploring this concept: Does abstract art remain valid and functional in the various public settings or only in aesthetic sanctuaries? What is communicated and perceived by the juxtaposition of art with non-art environments? Does the interface between those realities allow the viewer an opportunity for an enriched experience that would otherwise be unattainable? 

Gary A. Bibb

This project is dedicated in loving memory to my sister Carol Bibb Herman (1947-2011) who was supportive from the outset and assisted me in the selection and installation of the artworks at the various Wichita, Kansas - USA locations.